Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Gartymore 1817

Garstiemhor (the big field)

The small crofting township of Gartymore near Helmsdale, Loth (nowadays Kildonan) was created at the beginning of the 19th century at the time of the Clearances when hundreds of families were forcibly removed by the House of Sutherland from their native straths. The people allocated ground tiny pieces of land at Gartymore had to build their own houses, work the boggy land and somehow survive on the steep hillsides. It was hoped that they would take up fishing but they did not. The continued to live as crofters. Today at Gartymore there are over 50 ruined crofts.
The following were given an allotment in 1817 at Gartymore. Each person named had an allotment. Many of these men also show on the 1826 Loth Militia List.
BAILLIE Alexander & William
GRANT Alexander – shared allotment with John Macleod and sons; Robert
MACDONALD John & William
MACKAY Alexander
MACLEOD James; John & sons – shared with Alexander Grant
MATHESON Donald, Robert & William
MURRAY George; George, Hugh. John; Peter; widow. William
POPE Mr. – rent free
ROSS William
SUTHERLAND Alexander; Charles; Hector; John G. Wm.; John; widow 
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