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Loth & Kildonan

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On this website Loth is treated as part of Kildonan simply because following boundary changes many years ago the two parishes became quite confusing.  Helmsdale was at one time Loth but is now Kildonan is only one example.  Many of our Militia lists etc have men in Loth on one and in Kildonan on next.  Much easier to show them together.  Thank you for your understanding.

Burial Grounds in Loth & Kildonan

Loth & Kildonan parishes contain the following burial grounds:
Loth Churchyard, Kildonan Churchyard, Navidale Burial Ground, Helmsdale Cemetery, Ach na H'uai in Strath Kildonan; Achness in Strath Kildonan; Altanduin in Strath Kildonan & Kinbrace, Strath Kildonan
All have been photographed and transcribed and are available to view. For details of how to view in Burial Ground section.

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Photograph taken inside Kildonan Church by Marla Manson, Canada

Recommended Further Reading:

Some Helmsdale Memories, by J R D Campbell, published by Timespan Heritage Centre, Helmsdale, ISBN 0 9532843 0 1 - available from Timespan and local bookshops. Includes many fascinating facts including description of early funerals when whisky was 16 shillings a gallon!
The Duke of Sutherland’s Memoirs - contains a full list of all those who made a contribution to the Duke's statue in 1834
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